From time to time of our lives, our priorities change. When we were children, all we wanted was to watch cartoon on the Saturday morning and now we’re excited to see smart vacuum cleaners. But the dream of having a place of your own is not all new for most of us. In a context like this, you should look into all the options available.

In this article, we will be comparing two of the most common options; the house and the condominium so that the reader will know what to choose based on what parameters.

  • The purchasing price

As we all know real-estate generally is quite expensive. After all, being an asset that hardy depreciate over the time, it should be as expensive as it could get. But the problem here is the sheer price. When the properties are getting close to the main cities of the countries, the price gap between them tend to be quite wide. But with most of the condominium, you can go for a much cheaper price, in the same neighborhood easily. If you compared a siglap new condo with a new house, you would be able to observe it.

  • The nature of the intended residents

Although we all could use some privacy, too much privacy leads to isolation. This is why most of the big houses look as if they have their own universe inside them. The point here is that, you can totally go for a house, if you are a big family of 4 to more people. But if you’re a single person, a couple or a typical nuclear family, the condominium is the best option to go for. That would ensure to give you the ideal socialization opportunities as well.

  • The presence of amenities and services

A house is a house, and a condominium will have several other amenities like gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts etc. and you would have the opportunity to engage in these activities in your leisurely times. What more can you ask for?

  • The maintenance needs

We all know how hectic weekends can be when it comes to mowing the lawn, cleaning the garden and this list goes on. The bigger the house, the bigger the garden, the longer it would take you to fix it – and in Singapore outsourcing these needs could be more expensive than you think. But in the condominium perspective, those things are being taken care of; it’s like the services for an apartment but you’re living in a hose.