Although the digital resource managing world has too many options to choose from, there are 3 major vendors in the market with the highest demand. Singapore being one of the well developed countries of the world, it certainly has the special advantage of using those such options readily. In fact, there are many consultants who are there to advise and guide you on separate types of management software in this context. In such a background, you should first be acknowledged of the 3 best ones in the game to begin with;

  2. SAP

The key factor here is reviewing the presence and the degree of quality of the element of the ERP or the Enterprise Resource Planning. They are such as,

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Customer Relationship management
  3. Supply chain Management
  4. Financial Resource management
  5. Manufacturing Resource management

The more of these there in the software basically means that they are better than the ones that do not have the facility.


The reason why most people prefer oracle is due to its user friendly approach. But in the technical aspect, it has very unique applications of its own that helps the company to stand out from a majority. They are such as the e-business suite, people software enterprises, master data management and the fusion application. Being one of the best acclaimed erp software vendors singapore, this option comes with a fair number of modules that can be applied to a wider audience. For starters, it has the cash management module which in important by default for any profitable company. It also has modules to deal with payables, sales, customer relationship management and so on.

The prominence of business intelligence, project portfolio management and also project manufacturing is also given a higher priority in this option. It is your duty to consult a professional and see if this option works for you.


The option SAP is famous for being extremely efficient when it comes to handling and managing customer relations and handling main functions of a business. In the end of the day, an option like this works for a number of types of different businesses due to the variety of the modules that are included in it.

Production planning and quality management are given a better priority over the general software you can find in the market in the SAP ERP. As it was mentioned earlier, the attention given to the management practices is higher. Below are some of the management perspectives covered by SAP ERP.

  • Quality
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Business investment
  • Sales
  • Supply chain