In a fast phased world businesses need to be abreast of the changing technologies and how they impact the operations they run. This is very true when it comes to their channels of customer engagement and communications. In today’s business world digital marketing has taken precedence over traditional forms of communication and marketing. However one thing about technology is that it never stays static for too long which means changes keep happening and businesses need to be abreast of these if they are to be successful.

In this ever changing digital world an important aspect or tool is SEO, also known as search engine optimisation. Digital marketing takes place over the internet and SEO is one main strategic tool utilised by businesses to put their products on the map or ranked higher on search results. Although it might sound like a technical term it is quite straight forward to understand. For an eg: SEO is what you will use to make sure that when a customer is searching to visit website, for a particular need that your company site comes on top of the ranked search results. In essence you will use this tool to make your site more accessible or seen widely by your target market. When used strategically it can help increase the visitors to your site and increase return on investment too.

The use of SEO can be done in two main ways. One method is run within the website itself while the other is external. In the first approach, you mainly focus on increase traffic to the site by making the site widely seen by the target audience. Therefore the content, key words, codes used all play a major role in this approach. The second method is done external to the site itself. In this method one would focus on external aspects that affect the rankings of the website such as promotion of the site and linkages made with other sites. With either method used, it is bound to benefit your digital marketing efforts. So let’s look a bit further in to the benefits of strategically managing your SEO.

  • Helps in measuring results: let’s face it marketing efforts and investments need to be monitored and SEO really helps marketers track their efforts. With SEO you can track how a customer has come to purchase a product from your site and really look to understand the key words they have used for this purpose. This can be then checked with the investments made.
  • Higher rankings: getting listed at the top on a search engine is big for business and SEO really helps in doing this and getting more hits on your site.

Apart from these main reasons, SEO also is more cost effective and allows for more brand visibility which is a good thing for your business. So if you are strategising your marketing efforts look closely at this avenue as well.