There are different problems people face in their life. One of the major problems is when it becomes health related. There are many different types of health issues people face today due to various external facts. Some examples are mentioned below.


The pollution that is caused in the air due to the different types of fumes that are sent out from the vehicles and also all the industrial and commercial factories and companies. The unwanted gases that are the end products of various reactions that release energy is sent in to the air, which diffuses into the fresh air, polluting the air, and as a result causing it to be unhealthy to be inhaled by the people in the community. This is therefore really dangerous for people especially when they inhale these dangerous compounds from the smoke. These can cause deadly diseases and health conditions in the long run. Another fact is that they would diffuse with the oxygen, which and reduce the amount of oxygen that can be inhaled by that person.


Similar are the chemicals that has been added to various types of cosmetics that people apply on their skin and also the different types of body sprays and perfumes they use. The more often you use them you can actually get serious and deadly health issues. Similar is the condition if you consume foods containing various preservatives and artificial food flavourings and colours. They could lead to dangerous side effects in the long run.

Side effects

The side effects of these chemicals can be so dangerous that it can lead to conditions such as cancer. If they are left undetected then it can be so fatal that the person can actually lose his or her life. However cancer can be developed for various reasons and in different parts of their body, in this case however there are hospitals that offer treatment to such conditions. You can even get treatment in different parts of the world if that is where you can get exactly what you want for example colon cancer treatment singapore.


Same is the case with the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices that give out radiations. They can not only cause such issues but they can also lead to visual impairment, difficulty in forming memory, and other cognitions. This occurs if such devices are overused, as people do not understand how dangerous it is to use them in that way. There is a limit to the use of everything that an individual does.