Being a mom is a full time role but sometimes, there are days when you need a little bit of space to either take a breather or do some of your own work around the household and these types of tasks are usually made extremely difficult when you have toddlers tailing you wherever you go.

Becoming a mom means giving up any sort of privacy that you have. Sometimes, you wouldn’t even be able to go to the loo alone because you either have to take care of your kids or to keep your kids from throwing a fit. 

If you’re a mom who has a few things on her plate, the tips that we have given below will assist you in keeping your kids busy and entertained throughout the day so that you can enjoy some time to yourself or get some of your own work done without being interrupted.

The Designated Babysitter

If you have kids who are old enough to take care of the rest of the smaller kids, you have your solution right there in front of your eyes because you can easily assign your eldest child to be in charge of babysitting his or her siblings for a while until you manage to get some work done.

Whether you leave them with a kit for terrarium making Singaporeshops have on sale or a room filled with toys, they will always find a reason to interrupt you and having the older kid look after the rest of the kids will definitely give you some room and space to spend by yourself.

Allow For Screen Time

If your kids are always looking for the tv remote to watch television or looking for your phone to play with, this might not be  a very good idea as it will only fuel and encourage their habit of wanting to spend so much time on screen time.

However, allowing your kids to watch some television or a movie that they like once in a while is not harmful to anyone so if the kits don’t work or they are tired of playing with toys, some screen time will definitely do the trick.

Encourage Their Creativity

When you have kids, you should definitely focus on encouraging their creative sides instead of always allowing them to spend time on the phone or watching television. Allowing them to color and do fun arts and crafts will definitely help improve and speed up their development process.

Kids learn a lot from encouraging creativity and allowing them to explore their creative side.