Whatever event, company or public personality you may be or represent, publicity is key to your success. This is the main reason you hire people whose sole task is to watch over your public persona. This is why celebrities have publicist. The main reason publicity is so important is because this represent how the public sees something or someone. While in most of ours, childhood days we were taught, what other people think isn’t important, when you or the business or event become relevant to the public, then the public’s opinion matters. This is the sole reason famous critiques are able to do what they do and critically evaluate people’s work, it is because the public’s opinion matters.

While there is a saying as “no press is bad press”, it was probably coined before the internet was around and therefore did not consider the harsh sometimes untrue things people can say when they are given the luxury of anonymity. With the way the world operates today there is very much such a thing as bad press and especially bad publicity.

When it comes to getting the word out, it is important that you control what is said about you. That is if you don’t want to get buried in negative publicity. In order to do this, you must actively and very carefully engage publicly to spread the word around. A good example for this is leaflets. A very traditional and reliable way of spreading the message easily and somewhat cheaply. If you get flyer leaflet printing singapore done right, you can quite quickly spread any message. However, with today’s era trends, this age old reliable method of getting the word out, can come back to bite you. This is because most people will almost always simply read the flyer and then throw it away. This combined with today’s growing concern and outcry for protecting the earth, this method can raise a lot of negativity and get out a completely wrong message.

Therefore, anyone and everyone, hoping to get a message out to the public must do so only after having properly and carefully fully thought out the entirety of the process. One slipup is all it takes and the above example is a good testament to it. Especially since, all that was needed to change this opinion was to have a few bins a few meters away for people to throw away the leaflets. This could have sent the message out and shown to the public, that you care not only about yourself but the public too.